Carol Brozzetti

Owner/Health Coach/Yoga Instructor
Carol Brozzetti

Meet Carol

I was the poster child for “NYC Type A Corporate Career Woman” until…

One day…

I was not.

After receiving a life changing phone call telling me that my mother was in critical condition and in need of an organ transplant, I rearranged my priorities and returned to the city where I had been born and raised.

Leaving the fulfilling life I loved… and… simultaneously navigating my mother’s journey through medical treatment left its toll on me. Psychological and physical stress catapulted me into my own hospital admission…at the very time when I needed to be strong and fully present for my parents.

Rounds of tests resulted in a startling diagnosis for me: compromised lung function and chronic carbon monoxide poisoning.  Traditional medical treatment protocol had me juggling five daily medications and feeling no better.

Finally, I reached the point at which I realized that my essential core beliefs were out of alignment with the treatment being prescribed for me. I believe, at my center, that watching my mother suffer and ultimately pass away from her physical condition helped me realize that I needed to be a more proactive participant in my health.

Using my corporate business skills to research my options, I discovered a more holistic approach to health and wellness located at Integrative Nutrition, in NYC & Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA.

There, I learned the ancient art of healing through the practice of Qigong (energy movement) for 40 minutes twice each day.

I removed processed foods from my diet and replaced them with organic &raw options.

My lung volume began to improve; after approximately 8 to 12  months, I began to reclaim my healthy state of being and my passion for sharing the life-changing experiences I had was born.

I pursued formal certification in holistic and aligned health areas through HMBA and now a Kripalu RYT 300HR, Qigong, IIQT, CA, Health Coach through IIN & Transformational Life Coach.

July 2014, I opened Balance From Inside.

My transformational Coaching method, “Five Steps to Balance From Inside”, can guide and assist people in regaining control and balance in every aspect of their lives: physical, emotional and spiritual.

We offer individual and small group coaching as well as corporate leadership training and corporate wellness consulting services.

I found my road to wellness and health…let me guide you and your employees to their better selves!