Monday November 6th, Beginner Yoga Series, 6pm 5 sessions for $65

Monday November 6th, Beginner Yoga Series, 6pm 5 sessions for $65

Have you heard all of the benefits of yoga, but have been afraid to try or not know where to begin?  Get 1X1 modifications and options that work perfect for your body. “Kripalu” yoga literally translates to self compassion.  Learn the foundation of this practice, cultivate self observation without judgement and notice how all the layers of you come together in a great whole.  Each class begins with connecting to your breathing, gentle warming of the joints & a specific set of postures designed to stretch within a safe range of movement that feels just right to you!!  As one of NEPA’s ONLY Kripalu yoga instructors & (studio) owner It is personally my mission to provide a warm, nurturing & inclusive atmosphere for every person that walks through our door.  We also offer a divers array of classes and services, led by a caring team of instructors, resulting in a place that is EVERYBODY’s well being center.

Here is what you can expect during a Kripalu yoga class:

For your body…

stretch & tone muscles

release chronic tension

de-stress and refresh

For your mind…

calm restless thoughts

cultivate concentration

support mental clarity and confidence

for your spirit…

encourage self-acceptance’honor inner wisdom

invite deep peace