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In Kripalu Yoga, you learn many of the same postures as in other yoga classes, the

difference is our emphasis on not only how you practice, but also what you bring with you off the mat and into the life you live. It is a practice that revitalizes the body, calms the mind and spirit into a state of harmony and balance. We focus on sensations that arise as you breathe and move bridges the chasm separating the body & mind, allowing you to become fully present in your body. A series of postures stretches and strengthens the entire body, releasing the chronic tension that so often dulls our vitality. We end each practice with a deep relaxation, energy naturally flows to the areas of your body most in need of rejuvenation and healing. You leave feeling balanced, energized to resume your life, and naturally motivated to sustain your practice.!

Riding the wave of your moment~to ~moment experience, you release trapped emotion by choosing to feel it fully. Witnessing the activity of the mind you learn how to recognize unproductive thinking and let it go!!

Anyone can do Kripalu Yoga~ it is an experiential model of education that empowers the learner to discover what is true based on his or her own direct experience. This contemporary approach has a balance of developmental perspective drawn from Western Psychology. The result is an approach that facilitates psychological growth without negotiating the potential for deeper levels of spiritual awakening.!

Our practice begins gently with an emphasis on becoming present in your body, sustaining a flowing breath, and warming up. It allows you to choose the level of intensity that is right for your body. We recognize every body is different. It activates the life force that yoga calls “prana”. It encourages you to choose a lifestyle supportive of your health by listening to your own body. Its a Yoga you can practice off the mat in your daily life. It offers practical tools to foster psychological & spiritual growth. It acknowledges that a regular yoga practice designed to initiate a process of personal transformation.

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