Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Series New November 19th 2pm

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Series New November 19th 2pm

Adolescence is a critical time for cognitive and emotional development. Learning self-care tools in
adolescence develops a brain that is hardwired to help teens to manage stress more effectively
throughout their lives.

Each class will integrate mindfulness, create self awareness, build relationship skills & empower
teens with life skills to reduce their reactivity to stress.

First offering is on June 10th from 3-4pm at Balance from Inside.

Series set to begin again Sunday, November 19th 2pm

Decreases reactivity
• Curbs negative emotions
• Increases general optimism
• Increases focus
• Breaks down social barriers
• Enhances peer-to-peer relationships
• Encourages better performance
• Encourages attendance
• Improves sleep
• Reduces stress
• Increases confidence
• Improves athletic performance

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